Clinical Supervision

I have experience of supervising qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists and am familiar with the supervision requirements of a wide range of organisations, registering and accrediting bodies. 

I offer supervision to individual and group therapists, supervisors and trainers. 

What is Supervision

Supervision is one of the three cornerstones of the psychotherapeutic profession. Located in the realm between theory and practice, between therapist and patient and between personal and professional relationships, it is a fertile and creative clinical space in which clinicians can be supported to reflect on their caseload to ensure the safety and best possible outcomes for patients along with their own professional growth and development.

Good therapeutic practice requires that, however qualified or experienced the therapist, regular supervision of cases should be undertaken to ensure continued ethical practice and treatment. Supervision can sometimes feel daunting.  It is not uncommon for supervisees, especially those who are still in training or recently qualified, to experience supervision as evaluative and anxiety provoking.

The supervision I provide will enhance and develop your clinical and professional practice and assist you to identify an increase in development direction.  If you are a psychotherapist, I can help you with UKCP registration or re-registration. If you are a counsellor, I can help you achieve BACP accreditation.  If you work in another helping professional, for example, social work or personnel management, I can help you with case management, with ethical or profession practice issues and concerns, and to reduce stress and the possibility of burnout.

Supervision Provided

I am qualified to supervise individual and/or group psychotherapists and counsellors in individual or group settings.  

Individual Clinical Supervision

Individual one-to-one supervision is available in person, by phone or online. Please contact me for more information.

Group Clinical Supervision

Group supervision adds richness to the experience, since it involves not only on the supervisor but also the contributions of individuals (and ‘group mind’), whose diverging impressions and associations bring added dimensions and perspectives to the material.

I offer group supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors who wish to benefit from a safe environment in which to explore and discuss clinical issues. The group is for a maximum of four participants and meets weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Date and times vary to suit participants’ needs.  The length of the meeting will vary from 1 to 2 hours, depending upon the number of supervisees, with a maximum of 45 minutes per supervisee for a maximum of four people.