Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Approaching therapy for the first time, or even coming back after an absence, can be daunting and in itself cause anxiety.  

My starting point is always to recognise the person and understand the reasons why therapy is being sought.  With over twelve years of clinical experience in a diverse number of settings, I have worked with many patients creating conditions which enable people to feel safe discussing and exploring distressing and often ‘taboo’ thoughts and feelings.  

Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is a good way of exploring difficulties, problems and conflicts in a safe and confidential atmosphere.  We all come from groups, but we call them families.  Our families have unconsciously shaped who are and how we behave, for better or worse.    The kind of difficulties that you experience in your life are likely to recur within the group.  This presents unique opportunities to look more closely at your relationships and, with the help of the group therapist and other group members, discover new perspectives and possibilities.      

Group Psychotherapy can help if